5 months+
1.6 yrs - 2.8 yrs
2.8 yrs - 3.8 yrs
3.8 yrs +
After School
4 yrs to 13 yrs
Holiday Program

Parent FAQs

  • What is the minimum age for admission into 'The CherryCart' Daycare program?

    The child must have completed 5 months before getting enrolled to our infant-care program.
  • What is the age criteria for admission into the various Pre-School programs?

    The age slab for admissions into various classes are in sync with the age-criteria accepted in most of the formal schools in Bangalore.
  1. Playgroup - From 1 year and 6 months
  2. Nursery - From 2 years and 10 months
  3. Lower KG - From 3 years and 10 months
  4. Upper KG- From 4 years and 10 months
  • What is the procedure for enrollment for various Pre-School & Daycare Program?

    CherryCart adopts a 'First-come-First-serve' basis for enrollment to its various Pre-School & Daycare programs as we limit our batch sizes. Hence it is important to secure admissions in advance. 

  • Are admissions to the Daycare and Pre-School programs open throughout the year?

    Yes, the admissions for daycare is open all throughout the year depending on the availaibility of seats for that particular class. As far as admissions into Pre-School programs are concerned, Playgroup admissions are open for most part of the year again depending on the seat-availaiblity. But admissions to Nursery & KG closes by end of Setember in that given year. We open registration for the new academic session by March of every year.

  • What are Documents Required for Admission?

    The documents required at the time of registration are as given below:

    • A photocopy of the birth certificate as a proof of age.
    • Four passport sized photographsof the child.
    • Two passport sized photographs of each parent
    • Passport sized photographs of the persons authorised to pick-up or drop the child other than the parent.
    • A copy of the child’s Immunization Record.
    • One family photo graph.
  • What is the correct age to send my child to a Pre-School?

    Children start learning right from birth and this learning process is at its best till 6 yrs of age. So providing them with a learning environment full of stimulating activities in these formative years is a must. The correct age for a child to start going to a play-school environment is when they are able to walk independently and follow simple instructions either in english or in their mother- tongue. When this will happen again varies from kid to kid. Most of the learning happens at this stage by Play Way method. Kids do not feel pressurized or burdened with this method of teaching as most of the learning happens through observation.
  • Is the daycare facility available during vacations too?

    Yes, we are open all through the year for our daycare kids, except for the holidays listed in our holiday-list sent to parents in the beginning of the year. We try to match our holiday list with the holiday list of various companies in which most of our parents work. But kids enrolled only for the Pre-School program will have all the regular holidays including summer vacation.