5 months+
1.6 yrs - 2.8 yrs
2.8 yrs - 3.8 yrs
3.8 yrs +
After School
4 yrs to 13 yrs
Holiday Program


Our Playgroup Program is specially designed to accommodate your child, no matter where he or she is in their stage of development. At 'The CherryCart', we focus on the stimulation of the senses & brain development of the young toddlers through Play experiences. We endeavour to channelise their energies towards positive growth of their personality. In our playgroup classroom we strive to make every moment a learning moment. We teach appropriate social skills such as sharing and following directions through a nurturing and loving environment. Also various activities done in the classroom ensure that children develop their language and vocabulary. 

The environment is so designed so that the children get opportunities to freely explore and investigate. The teachers too are sensitive to the needs of our young toddlers and provide encouragement with affection thus helping them grow into more independent preschoolers. 

Our Toddlers program is based on thematic teaching for development of language, expression, self-help, good manners and creativity. The curriculum coincides with the weekly themes and provides and opportunity to grow through concepts and skills. We focus our activities around fine and gross motor skills, academic, social and emotional skills based on the child's developmental abilities. We use a wide variety of literature including poetry and rhymes, art projects, music and dramatic play, simple science experiments etc to ensure overall learning. Activities to improve mathematical skills are also a part of the daily curriculum. Circle time forms a fun portion of our school day. It is a great way to transition children from play mood to learning mood and also helps foster positive relationships. We focus on teaching children to understand and follow rules through the circle time activities.

In our playgroup classroom we work on your child's independence through self-help and the major key-element we work on is potty training. We work with the child and parent to make this process as easy as possible.