5 months+
1.6 yrs - 2.8 yrs
2.8 yrs - 3.8 yrs
3.8 yrs +
After School
4 yrs to 13 yrs
Holiday Program


Taking care of infants is a demanding work. Quality of adult-child interactions is a critical factor in infant care. Infants learn from interactions with adults. Babies learn trust and that they are loved when we respond to their needs for food, comfort and attention.

Our Nurses and caretakers nurture and care for the little ones daily needs and at the same time help them build their physical and cognitive abilities. Infants do not learn simply by being told something. They discover meaning. It is important that they have as many chances to explore and learn as possible. They must do this exploring in an environment that is safe. We encourage infants to learn by exploring and provide them with a safe environment. For the most part the infants have their own schedules although we do try to work towards getting the older infants on the toddler schedule.

The key areas of child development that we focus on are:

  • Physical/motor development
  • Social, emotional and personal development
  • Cognitive development and
  • Communication development.

For the infant section we have strict classroom policies. No shoes are allowed in the infant room and for that matter in any of the classrooms for sanitary reasons. All bottles are sterilized before and after use and all bottles are sent back home in the evening.

Our infant care team consists of experienced nurses along with other caretakers. We maintain an appropriate nurse-infant ratio to ensure each child gets proper care and attention.